A yard sale beyond our expectations!

On April 26th and 27th, we zipped up our jackets and had our first yard sale. For several weeks prior to the sale, we collected donations from family, church people, co-workers, and friends. We had some really nice stuff donated, and LOTS of it! My family brought up a car and truck load of stuff from Bedford. We enjoyed seeing them even though we stayed busy unloading and pricing. One room in our home was stacked high with donations. Seriously there was just a pathway through to the bedroom! My in-law’s travel trailer was almost completely full! Plus, we filled up a trailer from UBC. From all appearances, we were about to open our own Goodwill!

Russell and I spent hours pricing  and sorting. Russell has since decided that he is going to campaign to outlaw yard sales! Ha! My mother-in-law pitched in as well. We purchased the pre-printed yard sale stickers which was a great time saver. I highly recommend them to anyone contemplating a yard sale. Bro. Fulton, a teacher here at UBA, was nice enough to put our fundraiser on the school sign. We did no other advertising, except to send out an invitation on Facebook, and put it on Craigslist on-line.

The morning of the sale, we got up really early and hauled everything out to the front lawn of the school. It took us awhile to set up, but we had some help from my mother-in-law and Lorna. Having such a huge sale is very overwhelming when it comes to trying to organize everything and set it up! But we weren’t complaining. We also had help from my sister-in-law, Sarah, during the sale both days.

We had a nice turnout, especially the first day! The weather was cool, but sunny, and we got sunburns to prove it! Ha! Our biggest sale of the day was a really nice pool table with all the accessories that a wonderful couple in our church had donated! Russell delivered it to the man that bought it, and in addition to the payment, the man gave him two really nice sets of skis for us to sell! People have been so kind to help us, and we really appreciate all those who have helped out in any way. My father-in-law helped with tear down that first day, and we decided to store everything in the foyer of the school gym.

We decided to hold the second day on the porch of the school gym, so we weren’t right by the road. But we put out another sign and still had a pretty nice turnout. We had one person that saw it on Craigslist and came here to support us because it was for adoption! I had the opportunity to talk to this sweet lady who is contemplating adoption too! That was a really neat experience. By the end of the second day, it had decided to start a light rain, so we were glad we hadn’t packed everything out front again! Also, my mother-in-law and I had to do almost all of the clean up, as my in-law’s car broke down in Indianapolis, and Russell and Daniel had to go retrieve their sister and tend to the car! We were therefore DOUBLY grateful that we hadn’t packed everything out front! Russell and his dad finished putting tables away when they finally returned home. We were all just absolutely worn out, but it was so worth it!

Are you ready for the total?????  The total yard sale income came to $959.88!!!! We think that this was outstanding!!!! In addition, we also received several donations during the yard sale, from church people and in the mail during this same time frame! We came away very encouraged about how God is providing for us!

So what else have we been up to? We went to our first mandatory education class last week, and met two other adoptive couples. It was nice to do some sharing with them. We also got our ink-less fingerprints done! Yay! Basically, our paperwork is done except for putting our profile book together. I’m hoping that we can start working on that in the next couple of days. We have one more mandatory education class, and then an infant care class. We can do some additional hours of education on-line. We need a total of 4 extra hours apiece, besides the mandatory ones from our agency. We also drove a few miles and picked up a beautiful baby crib that some friends of ours donated! It’s all put together and the furniture is rearranged. After we get our next paychecks, we are planning to go ahead and buy a crib set so that we can include pictures of the baby’s room in our profile book. If you can’t tell, we are getting really excited!

Coming up for the Bedford area family and friends is another yard sale that Russell’s sister Sarah is holding for us! It will be May 17-18. Russell and I are taking down a trailer load of stuff this coming Saturday, and I know Sarah is accepting donations. Please talk to her if you have something you would like to donate. Since Bedford is near Paoli Peaks, we decided to bring the skis to Bedford to try to sell. If you’re interested, let one of us know.

Thank you again for whatever you may have done to help! Some have given money, some have prayed, some have given donations or given of their time to help out. All is very much appreciated. Hopefully, Russell will post an update of where we are financially very soon! Thanks…..and stay tuned!


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